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calling all fangirls...UNITE! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
calling all fangirls...UNITE!

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last post... [Apr. 22nd, 2007|11:03 pm]
calling all fangirls...UNITE!
ive decided that i need to stop posting to this comm

for me, yaoi has become an unhealthy addiction that ive just been using like a drug - to get a high. it does, as many of you here know, bring a rush to the senses and it pleases us so much, but it has dragged me far down after looking at yaoi every single day.

i am using it in an unhealthy wa: to fill emptyness with temporary happiness, and have now decided to stop looking altogether. if you are feeling the same way, or you know deep down that it is hurting you, i encourage you to stop as well. (i know that nothing i say on here can change how you live your life, but if you have that empty feeling despite the rush, or you keep needing more and more pics to look at, its a sign of an addiction.)

this is coming from the girl who posted steamy boyxboy pics all over the web, ENCOURAGING others to look at them...

i know now that ive heard it from people with large life experience: God is the one thing which can satisfy the emptiness, and he doesnt hate me for looking at yaoi, but he loves me for stopping and turning to him to fill me instead.

if anyone has any similar feelings as these, leave a post and i would love to talk with someone for support that i(or we) are not alone. thanks and still love you :)
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LXNear Yaoi RATED: NC-17 [Apr. 18th, 2007|03:23 pm]
calling all fangirls...UNITE!

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[music |"Silly God Disco" by GazettE]


"L's here."

With those simple words my world crashed.

My fingers began to shake, the cardboard puzzle piece fluttering between my thumb and index finger. My eyes widened.

L was here? What was he doing here on such short notice? He had barely left last week, what had caused him to come back so soon?

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MORE EYECANDY!! [Apr. 17th, 2007|02:42 pm]
calling all fangirls...UNITE!

first, i feel the need to post this again: here is where you can download the DEATH NOTE MANGA for free!! read it, okay?!

next, i feel the need to give you people more eyecandy! cause theres no such thing as enought, RIGHT?!?!?!!!1111

EDIT...i apologize for not doing this earlier, but the pics are NOW UNDER A CUT cause they are NOT WORKSAFE. plus, some people are offended by yaoi. once again, i apologize for any inconvienience. thank you. the stuff you cant see at workCollapse )

and more links to great artists and their DN art!!
by Archie-The-Red-Cat
by brilcrist
by nothingthere2hurt
by kipferl
mello and near by reapersun

you should click on the above links because they are really good. i post links instead of the actual pics because the artists should get credit...SO LOOK, OKAY?! you wont be disappointed!

anyways...please post YOUR fanart, fanfiction, cosplays...or anything Death Note related that you find interesting or attractive on this page. its for the fans, and that means YOU!

love and peace friends!
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WELCOME!! [Apr. 16th, 2007|05:49 pm]
calling all fangirls...UNITE!
hello! i am the maker of this community and i would like to welcome everyone! first, i will give you some eyecandy! EDIT...the eyecandy is still here, but NOW UNDER A CUT because its not worksafe and some people dont like yaoi. sorry for any inconvenience. thank you yaoi warning, not worksafeCollapse ) and heres some work from some AMAZING ARTISTS on deviantart.com
Go-Devil-Dante's work
reammara's work
nekozumi's work

etc...you can surely find more around the net!

anyways, welcome welcome and much love to visitors :)

here is a place to download the death note manga
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